First Exchange Corporation (FEC) have extended southwards, in-conjunction this time with PetroGuin, ONAP, GeoInsight Ltd., Advanced Geochemical Systems Ltd., Subterrane Ltd., TGS and Rock Solid Images (RSI), our 2016 Northern MSGBC study The Geology and Geochemistry of Offshore / Nearshore Senegal to include all of Guinea-Bissau and Guinea. Our in-house regional seismic interpretation based on FEC’s own dense grid of reprocessed lines, plus TGS’ WAAM2012 regional survey and public domain gravmag supplied the core of the understanding required to assess the evolution of the Guinea Marginal Plateau. Using this interpretation and the knowledge gained from a previously unrecorded oil seep in onshore Guinea-Bissau, FEC have created the source distribution and maturity models necessary to fully evaluate the petroleum geology of the Guinea Marginal Plateau. To compliment this work, Rock Solid Images have analyzed four wells, including Sabu-1, to provide the rock properties needed to tie the well’s source and reservoir properties to seismic. Information from TDI-Brooks’ earlier piston core survey, together with the accompanying Acoustic Impedance study, provide additional support.

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